The Octopus and Resilience

I’ve been an octopus fan for a long while, and when considering Rafe Sagarin’s work on the topic of octopi — it’s dawned upon me how much I have thought about this topic. But completely indirectly.

Apparently the octopus is thought to be resilient to climate change:

“… octopuses may be better able to withstand changes in ocean-acidity levels, which may have long-term bearings on our understanding of climate change”

Science Daily (2021)

And there’s also a weird and cool thing about how you can sever an arm and it’s still operating in a collaborative manner with other tentacles … somehow. It has something to do with their skin.

This is an interesting on how the hammerhead shark is powerful, but the octopus is adaptive and eminently flexible.

There’s a TinyMBA post on the octopus as well — that speaks to how the decentralized nature of an octopus’ intelligence architecture enables their resilience.

“Businesses trying to become more resilient focus on things like decentralization, redundancy, and independent decision making. Can parts of your company function if they get cut off from the other parts? Do you have backup systems in place in case your main systems are attacked? Can you re-route your data and re-grow your tentacles?”

Tiny MBA